The Best Types Of Office Partitions For A Reimagined Workspace

The changing nature of work has been a key driver in pushing the innovative trends witnessed in the office fit-out and design industry globally. From sustainability to smart spaces to health, wellness and wellbeing, the workplace as we used to know it is fast changing. As a result, commercial fit-out professionals are also looking for ways to pace up and adapt their designs to match their clients’ needs.

One of the industry trends that have grown in popularity the world over is office partitioning. Irrespective of the sector your business is in, you’ll find office partitioning crucial in enhancing your corporate image and bringing life to your work environment.

One thing you’ll appreciate with offices is that no two spaces are the same. To complement this uniqueness, there is a whole world of dynamic ideas out there that you can implement and transform your office into the most functional yet coolest space for your employees. However, to achieve this outcome, you must get the right office refurbishment professionals who can help you reimagine and design office spaces that are efficient to work in complete with impressive chill-out zones.

Starting from open spaces, office fit-out professionals can use office partitioning to provide you with both private areas and active co-working spaces. If you have been looking for a way to restructure your office space through partitioning, read on to find some of the options you should consider.

What Are Office Partitions?
If you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to create a productive office space, think office partitioning. Whether you want to put up a temporary wall or permanent structure, office partitions can fit into any room size.

Depending on the finish and look you prefer, there are many different partitioning styles you can choose. For instance, you may go for wood, aluminium or even glass partitions. Here are the different styles to expect in the industry.

Glass Partitions
Glass is not only synonymous with modern offices, but it also gives a feeling of additional space. When installed by experienced professionals, glass partitions can liven up your office and enhance your corporate image.

While solid walls have their advantages, going with glass partitions gives you an excellent way to spruce up your office on a minimal budget. This makes a lot of sense especially if you intend to move offices as your business grows or as conditions change.

Contrary to what most people imagine glass partitions can give you a lot of privacy. For instance, tempered glass partitions can be designed to fit your style and taste. Whether you are partitioning a room for general use or meetings, you can have the professionals deliver exactly that. If you are looking for partitions that are resistant to impact and more hard-wearing toughened glass partitions are the best.

Working from a glass partitioned space gives you the benefit of natural lighting which saves energy and makes your space energetic and bright. You can also incorporate an element of safety by getting fire rated glass partitions. This means that in case of a fire, you can have up to a maximum of 120 minutes of protection from gas, heat, and flames.

Wood Partitions
Are you looking for an office space that has a traditional yet classy look? Well, wooden partitions can help you achieve that. Whether you are partitioning space for boardrooms, reception areas or conference rooms, wood easily fits into any design.

There is plenty of wood options out there from cherry to oak to beech. What is also really cool with wood is that you don’t have to be confined to solid wood partitions. You can decide to add some glazing to give your room a brighter and lively feel.

Rooms such as meeting spaces will benefit from the soundproof qualities of wood partitions. For instance, solid wood can give you a soundproof rating that goes up to 52 decibels. This rating level is sufficient to keep off distractions giving your staff quality space to concentrate on their work.

Wood shows up strongly when it comes to finishes. You can choose the type of finish that suits your brand and office theme. You can opt for a solid wood finish or settle for veneer finished medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The best practice is to request a physical sample of your chosen finish so that you can see it before approving it.

Just like any other office setup, you must ensure that your office environment is safe from fire hazards. Wood partitions can help you limit the spread of fire, toxic gases, and smoke for a duration of up to 60 minutes.

Aluminium Partitions
Among the common office partitions, aluminium partitioning systems are the most durable. Depending on the partitioning style you are looking for, you can have the upright post made of 50mm metal stud and 12.5mm single plasterboard for cladding on either side giving you a 75mm partition. Alternatively, you can go for 100mm of partitioning made up of two 50mm skins on each side.

If you so desire, the installation professionals can use aluminium cover trims to cover the joints or have them taped and filled.
To improve the soundproofing rating of aluminium partitions, the fit-out experts can insulate the cavities in the metal stud. The acoustic performance of solid aluminium office partitions can go up to 52 decibels while for glazed panels, expect performances of up to 43 decibels. On the fire performance front, the 75 mm solid aluminium panels have a rating of up to 60 minutes which is impressive.

In case you want to move offices or reconfigure existing office space, you can easily demount the partitions and have them installed in whatever new style and location you choose.

Overall Benefits of Office Partitions
Having looked at the three main types of office partitions, here is a summary of the overall benefits of the partitions and why you should seriously consider them.

Functionality and dynamism: Think about it, businesses change and the need for space evolves with time. We’ve seen first-hand during COVID-19 where businesses have opted to either reduce their office spaces or co-share with other establishments. Partitioning allows you that dynamism and still gives you the functionality you need to adjust to different conditions.
Brand aesthetics and image: When doing partitioning using either wood, aluminium, or glass, you have a wide range of design and material options to use. Choosing styles that complement your office design can greatly enhance your brand image and make your office spaces impressive for your clients and staff.
Cost-effective: Compared to permanent walls, it is more cost-effective to have glass, timber, or aluminium partitions as these can be demounted and installed elsewhere in case you are moving offices. Also, the overall cost of installation is lower compared to brick walls. When computing your annual taxes, office partitioning costs qualify as a deductible expense.
Privacy: While it is understandable that businesses are now moving towards open-plan offices, the need for privacy is still an important factor in most corporate cultures. Furthermore, you can integrate open-plan offices with partitioned and soundproofed private spaces for meetings and document storage. This flexibility gives you a taste of both worlds and adds to your unique culture.

Office partitioning is no longer an option thanks to the evolving demands of modern businesses. It not only enhances the functionality of office spaces, but partitioning also gives you the flexibility you need to section off spaces without having to incur lots of costs in building permanent walls. You can choose from a variety of finishes depending on your brand design and preferences.

For the best outcome, look for commercial fit-out industry experts who have experience and expertise in designing and installing office partitions. Usually, they will walk you through the entire process and give you estimates before the project begins. This will enable you to plan yourself and give you visibility into project costs and timelines.


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